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    Ho-hum ... this fucktoy crap is getting BORING.

    Wrote devrekli

    To much ink for me

    Wrote anacondaa

    Would love to go down on you and kittle your culo with my tongue. dave_fun

    Wrote Grez207

    when you had your clothes on

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    What a cutie! Love the pictures. Can't wait to see more! Hopefully some of those butt shots!

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    Love your bod, that beautifully slender mid-body and wonderful hips. Fantastic breasts and gorgeous lower half! Loving you very much! XXX adi.bee@hotmail.co.uk

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    Mmmmm...yummy....ass looks nice in that g-string.

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    an allie cat would have taken finer pics

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    love the jumpsuit

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    lets see the coochie or are you to timid

    Wrote straponbi

    All this talk about cum....let' see some!

    Wrote black_penis

    the fish net just makes her look more overweight than ever.

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    Hey, Us mid 50's guys need to stick together!! I'd love to have fun !!

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    A beauty!

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    Now you are the example of the flawless woman! You know what Vikki? You are the envy of thousands of women who wish they had the assets with which you were born. Love the smile under the blue eyes. Makes me wonder exactly "what you are up to". You could roll in a mud bath and still be radiant. Would love to hear your voice. Bet it is lower than most women. Live in the US? I'll bet you are as soft as you are beautiful. And oh so physically fit! Please know and believe that there's no one I've ever seen who could match your overall brilliant blend of youthful woman and outright beauty. Smooch for your happiness. toppop80@yahoo.com

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    Nice stunner but stupid pics. Might be okay if we could see the rammed animal fucking her. Whoos, no zoophilia. Well, grab a big fuck stick. This ain't no artistic web site.

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    maybe you could drop me a line & let me know? maybe flash what else yo

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    Guess after those hot shots with that sexy beautie all the snow was gone!

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    how lengthy you been unsighted dude?

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    Awful position for a woman's pose but I can tell you were hot and most likely still are. Let's see some fresh pics with that pubic hair cleaned off. Thanks for posting! By the way, bocoand icuri is a sick MF.

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    You left hair on the wrong part.

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    But, to give credit where it's due, congratulations for obeying the rules regarding content for a "Private Shot

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    I don't know how many times I have commented on your pics. I love the ones that are similar to this one. I get so damned revved on wanting to crawl up over you and have you take m dick in your mouth and make love to it. All the while, I'll be eating your honey pot and slurping it clean. It will thrill me no end when you flood my mouth with your spunk. I will spunk wherever you want. But, if I was a paramour of yours, everytime we had fuck-fest, I would want it to end with some of your hot, arousing, thrilling and total rapture providing, fucking we would give each other.

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    hell, I love to observe your wifey get herself off, and I'm next! ha ha! just one question, Duracell or Energizer?

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    Nice effort, but you guys do need a cameraman!

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    I'm so horny now. I can't wait for the next vignette of Dr. Horny. Maybe I can be your next patient?! My poon is waiting!

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    Eccellente visione, complimenti !!!!Sarei onorato di poterti fare detti complimenti de-visu.....

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    who stole lady ga ga's fresh vid lol.

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    Wow, thanks. You get a beautiful chick with a superb figure and using your less than fertile imagination (maybe fertilizer imagination is the adequate term) send in essentially one pose. Nice work, nip noggin.

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    would love to see more... now that's being a hidden cam. fine.

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    are you also posting as rachel?

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    they are superb and we need to see them from lots of different angles. I hope you will do this for me so i can use your assets to make me spunk all over you

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    Would have preferred the foggy pictures, or nicer yet, none at all. Obesity is not a sign of beauty; it's a sign of a lack of self manage.

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    is that a swatch she is wearing? i dont think ive seen one of those since the 80's, .....do you have anything pics less than 20 yrs old?

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    See more in a Victoria Secret catalog. Why bother?

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    For some reason the Brits love the grandma next door look !

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    So, did you get a ride...or did you get a RIDE? Regards, Ssonomast.jean@yahoo.com

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