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I am a new member and am both a little intimidated and disconnected regarding the world of nudism. I live in Bakersfield, Ca. which is not known for it's beauttiful beaches or its open mind. I want to meet some people, but that seems to be tough because all I find are commercials ads for resorts. I am just looking for a relaxed place to be to meet some people, or even just lay around and read a book. Anyway, I hope you are having a great memorial day.


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A nudist beach can be considered a public place, of course, as the norms of society have it that everyone wears some clothing even there.

I have been always fascinated and totally aroused by every instance of public nudity that I ever stumbled upon. True it is though that in day-to-day life one seldom gets to see something as raw as that. But I guess I simply got lucky one day in my life when I was beaching on a laid-back Sunday afternoon with my friends.

That was a regular beach off Sarosta highway, not at all a nude beach that one could expect it to be. I don’t know why, but I had never considered joining those crowds of nudists I’d see at the beaches of Waikiki.
Maybe it has something to do with my philosophy – I do not think that blending with a throng of people who’ve got no clothes on them is exactly sexy. But it’s a totally different sack of potatoes with appearing nude in a public nudism place. A beach can be considered a public place, of course, as the norms of society have it that everyone wears some clothing even there. Topless beaching in this regard can be considered somewhat of a halfway between public nudity and textile beaching, but people are not so thrilled anymore with the prospect of seeing a pair of boobs on a beach, now that it became a more or less common practice.
The episode in my life I refer to happened a couple of years ago, and as I already said, I was staying at a small family hotel in Florida with my two friends (a married couple). We were already halfway through our vacation and if truth be told I was getting quite annoyed with Jean, my friend Eric’s wife. We set out early for the beach that day, and frankly speaking I was bored and bothered to the state of leaving the two of them be and wandering off into the unknown areas of the coastline when I saw this girl approaching the spot where our mats were. I noticed her from the very start – the girl’s body was really something to look at even when she was still wearing her bikini top and a pair of extremely skimpy shorts. Long legs looked absolutely infinite, juicy bum and visibly large and firm tits were absolutely mouthwatering, and a pretty face completed the picture.
For a moment or two I was mesmerized with the girl’s look, and she walked by our mat without paying the least attention to my staring which, I admit, could be considered quite rude. My interest camouflaged by a pair of sunglasses, I continued to watch the girl while pretending to be snoozing as she was choosing a site to place her mat on and taking her sun shield lotion from her handbag. It was quite a treat to watch her doing all of this routine even before she started undressing right in front of my eyes – in front of everybody else who got lucky to be on the beach that day!
Nonchalant and bold, the girl first removed her shorts and revealed a pair of extremely firm and deliciously rounded ass cheeks. I noted down that the girl’s suntan was unusually even. But I had little time to ponder about that – before I knew where I was standing the girl untied the straps of her bikini top and unleashed those wonderfully heavy breasts. I had hardly had time to gulp down and marvel at my own luck when the girl bent over and pulled down her bikini bottom! Everyone else was naturally watching the girl, too, but evasively – no one really showed any sign of surprise or shock, but I clearly saw a few men flipping on their stomachs. That was when I thanked heaven I was already lying prone on my stomach! The last thing I wanted was to be caught with a hard-on.
Jean, my friend’s wife, was clearly blown out of her waters by such an audacious escapade. It particularly irked her that the girl had such a stunning figure – there was nothing she could say but ‘What a shame!’ and ‘Who she thinks she is?!’, but I could see it in my friend’s eyes that he, like me, admired both the girl’s audacity and her looks.
The girl rubbed on some lotion into her skin and was off to take a plunge. I didn’t dare following her, but I enjoyed watching her splashing around, her wet curves glistening in the morning sun. the rest of the forenoon I, like so many other men around us, spent hiding my natural reaction from the eyes of the idle lookers-on. The girl felt rather at ease sunbathing, swimming, leafing through magazines… Some hours later Jean insisted on our leaving the beach and having a brunch, and later she wanted to change a beaching location on the pretext that she needed more shade. Well, I’m pretty sure she was green with jealousy which was quite natural! I still remember this girl with curiosity and excitement, wonder who she is and what she is doing now, wishing I had the guts to make her acquaintance!

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I blame the clothes-conscience society that teaches nudity is evil. It's deep-seated crap that stems from a sexual parity and not being able to live up to the media's level of perfection. If women can't meet that level, then why bother? They seem to forget that even nude, there is a lot of airbrushing and touch-up work that goes with it.
Then there is religion. People don't live by anything in the bible anymore except the false notion of "Thou will stay dressed." The whole "Nude is lewd" bull for some reason ranks above all else, even though Pope John Paul II came down on the side of nudity being beneficial. Psychologists are on both sides of the issue without bothering to study the issue. The ones who take the time to study it find benefits and those with an agenda against it, don't. As a single man, I am going to continue practicing nudism until Obama takes away our rights to freedom in mind and body...just like Hitler did before WW2.

The desire to get stripped at a nude beach and the fear of letting the people around you see you naked...Both of these feelings are strong – though the eagerness to expose the most secret corners of your body to the caressing rays of sun is still stronger. On the pages of X-Nudism you will be able to find the stories told by girls and guys trying nude posing in public for the very first time in their lives.
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