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Wife and i ventured onto free beach on holidays with freinds had a look and continued on our walk when we got back to our room wife said she would have liked to go for a swim but not in front of the couple we were with because they wouldnt approve. i suggested we go back tomorrow and try .morning arrives we set of wife nervous i had nubile nudism before we arrive put down our towels wife strips off runs straight into water loves it Trailscout wroteRight, usually they put us on the defensive and demand to know why we areA so filled with lust that we want to be naked in front of other people orB so stupid as to do something that would tempt us to sexual sin. Why walk so close to the cliff. they might ask. Most of us dont go looking for a fight. It comes to us. i think it definitely comes down to culture more than anything when you talk about reactions.


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As an adult, you can do what you want with your body. (Mutilation just means removal of healthy tissue for no valid medical reason. )brkitek wroteI just think there is an endless list of things that we should be worrying about more than whether someones penis has its foreskin or not. I think its sad when the world around us is going to hell, and were spending our time and energy debating meaningless rituals. Who really gives a crap. It comes down to personal choice. Ones eternity will not be decided by the status of their foreskin or their opinion of circumcision. I use to follow CNV as many on this site do, but it seemed that many of the post turned into this type of discussion, so I abandoned it. NC is for lifting each other up, helping each other stand firm in our faith.

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