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Wife and i ventured onto free beach on holidays with freinds had a look and continued on our walk when we got back to our room wife said she would have liked to go for a swim but not in front of the couple we were with because they wouldnt approve. i suggested we go back tomorrow and try .morning arrives we set of wife nervous i had naked sand hidden cam before we arrive put down our towels wife strips off runs straight into water loves it Thanks for your sharing your experience with the LCD solution to the CRT strobe issue. It does illustrate that observation is necessary to human interaction. (the visually impaired and socially impaired will struggle with this throughout their lives). I have met women who have become hypersensitive to friendly observation because observation had so seldom been friendly in their past. One of the principle objections to social nudity is, quot-I could never be naked in front of othersquot-. The wording, quot-in front ofquot- is a dead giveaway to the state of mind of the reluctant astronaut. Those naturists with social experience will immediately retort that we are seldom in the spotlight, except for that introductory moment at smaller campgrounds where the director shouts, quot-Hey everyone. This is Barry!quot- (fill in ones own name), but ones experience quickly changes to that of a fairly anonymous face in the crowd except for the person or two you are conversing with. We can safely say to most people (albeit a bit bluntly), quot-Get over it. You arent that special!quot-I befriended a guy who was a mountain of a man, 65 and probably close to 400 pounds.


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