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Wife and i ventured onto free beach on holidays with freinds had a look and continued on our walk when we got back to our room wife said she would have liked to go for a swim but not in front of the couple we were with because they wouldnt approve. i suggested we go back tomorrow and try .morning arrives we set of wife nervous i had naked sand hotties before we arrive put down our towels wife strips off runs straight into water loves it Ive never had another pastor whose preaching and teaching was so inspirational. I would describe him as being more Bapticostal in his style--not quite Pentecostal, but not as reserved as most Baptist pastors Ive sat under. Now, down south, I havent found a pastor who even compares with him, and down here they seem to be even more reserved in their preaching and teaching than up north. Im used to lively song services (probably because I was usually the song leader and have never liked lifeless song services). In the southern churches, I was never allowed to lead the singing and did very little special singing, and their song services have all been lifeless--with just slow songs. One pastor told me that if I wanted lively songs, then he named another church. I like songs with some life in them.


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Then again my personal belief is that if we cant accept people on such a basic level as biological acceptance and be understandingtolerable of a persons natural reactions then we have no hope to accept them on the higher levels such as religious belief. I hope that helps and best of luck MtnDewNudist wroteI believe you are correct in it being a good idea to keep it light and enjoyable. However, for some of us the bulk of the people we associate with are already Christian and thus the issue of it being a sin or not quickly comes up and becomes a central point of discussion. Trailscout wroteRight, usually they put us on the defensive and demand to know why we areA so filled with lust that we want to be naked in front of other people orB so stupid as to do something that would tempt us to sexual sin. Why walk so close to the cliff. they might ask. Most of us dont go looking for a fight. It comes to us. i think it definitely comes down to culture more than anything when you talk about reactions.

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