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Wife and i ventured onto free beach on holidays with freinds had a look and continued on our walk when we got back to our room wife said she would have liked to go for a swim but not in front of the couple we were with because they wouldnt approve. i suggested we go back tomorrow and try .morning arrives we set of wife nervous i had naturist orgies before we arrive put down our towels wife strips off runs straight into water loves it My Vietnamese born wife has rarely ever gone even partially nude, even when it was only the two of us but did tolerate about the first six months of me going nude at eery opportunity at home before our daughter and granddaughter returned to live with us. I would love to live as a nudist family and raise our young granddaughter to feel body free but both Mom and Grandma are against the idea so I have to wear at least shorts most of the time at home. I love the freedom of rising before the others to sit naked and ree here at the computer or to go about preparing for the day until my wife rises and I know Ill have to get dressed. Jim SheddWelcome Esther, I hope you enjoy it here,and all your dreams come true. Im tryed to watch a video but nothing is loading. If you have trouble viewing videos, make sure you have the proper viewers. Some videos are kinkyMost listed are good I tried this again and now it says this on their web site VK where the videos are coming from quot-The owner of this video has either been suspended or deleted. quot-The VK site has been blocked completely. dakref wroteThe VK site has been blocked completely. Yes, the site works just fine.


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