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Wife and i ventured onto free beach on holidays with freinds had a look and continued on our walk when we got back to our room wife said she would have liked to go for a swim but not in front of the couple we were with because they wouldnt approve. i suggested we go back tomorrow and try .morning arrives we set of wife nervous i had photos of young naturists before we arrive put down our towels wife strips off runs straight into water loves it JESUS loves me this I know. Richbaresoul wroteCelsius, your post was confusing me. For one thing, are you referring to Ishmael of the Bible, or Ishmael of Daniel Quinn?Carp, you may have the right understanding of what Celsius meant. What is being dismissed with this denial is strong evidence, that I have heard of even in the eighties, with what could be projected, such as with greenhouse gases, from human presence with what we depend on with developing civilization. Deniers were heard much later. Their arguments also changed, becoming recently what you repeat here, that such change we see, even including massive melt-off of arctic ice, is only from natural fluctuations, not the greenhouse gases from our civilization that was projecting that much earlier. And the greatest contribution to greenhouse gases are the emissions from all the livestock for human use in the meat and dairy industries. The argument to not do anything at all differently, which I see as irresponsible, is it seems with saying God will take care of it, we can trust, with a volcano going off to counter all the bad stuff we will permit going into the air, even while Gods wrath would come as it was said, and the time of judgment, that those serving God would be rewarded, and those fearing Gods name, and Gods wrath would come on those who destroy Gods earth. Trailscout is right on this, there are enough gases from what activity there is with the overwhelming human population to really affect the climate.


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God Bless and keep you. Nice to meet yallonenhymn I think your message got cut off. Yeah, its sad that we must worry about these things, but the reality is that there actually perverse people out there, so if I had to choose between a pervert getting away (lets just say its one of those circumstances without clear evidence) and naturists hiding a bit, Id choose the latter. But the best would be people being more understanding and legally recognizing naturist spots!jude700 That cant be all. Perhaps the rest have just hidden their names. After all, its a Christian community- surely there are more ladies with Biblical names. Thanks for the suggestion. I just tried uploading an avatar, but it doesnt seem to have worked. I selected the file, but no preview of the picture appeared in the little box, and theres no upload button God bless!Hi Esther welcome from Australia yes psalmist, and i would love it if i didnt have to bother hiding who i am, but my love of making a difference in the lives of the next generation out weighs my desires for now.

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  1. bite91fra

    very hot, but reloaded several times

  2. potremn

    Cheers mate for the video links.

  3. asfaque

    would like to oil the first one

  4. otikovar

    this guy was great. i have the hots for him.

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    Good movie, great acting, well done guys, load blown ;)

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    too bad he cant keep his dick hard.

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    Horny grandma, lucky boy. Good vid. Thx.

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    Love seeing dogging in America becoming a fun sexual adventure. I enjoy doing this at bike rallies and while traveling around the country seeing my fans. This spot in the vid looked like tourist may drive up at any time so this made it even more exciting.

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    love to be one of those guys

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    Then go to other parts of the world and they don't trip.

  21. anonuser1

    Ich geh mit meiner Frau an die falschen Strände :D

  22. cwill28

    My gf (at the time) were lying on the beach in Qld, Australia and she was topless. We noticed a guy kept checking her out, so she proceeded to give me a helluva bj right on the beach and winked at him I blew all in her mouth and on her tits. Last we saw he was abt chest deep in the water with one hand pumping like crazy! Good times!

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    Not sure wtf you mean by culling. Maybe it loses something in the translation to English. If it helps then I really like the wind blowing thro this girls pubes and am glad she had not shaved.

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