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Wife and i ventured onto free beach on holidays with freinds had a look and continued on our walk when we got back to our room wife said she would have liked to go for a swim but not in front of the couple we were with because they wouldnt approve. i suggested we go back tomorrow and try .morning arrives we set of wife nervous i had public naturist gallery before we arrive put down our towels wife strips off runs straight into water loves it Rachel family are not card carrying nudist but does practice home nudity, however, my brother-in-law only allows nudity in the upper part of the home, where the bedrooms, bonus room, bathroom and laundry room is located. Clothes are required in the lower part of the home, main living room, kitchen, and dinning room. He says that you never know when a church member may waltz into the house without knocking, since the home is on the same grounds at the church. After visiting, a resort with me one time and trying out the clothing optional pool down in New Orleans, she said she wish she could be a preachers wife and still enjoy casual nudity without worrying about getting fired from their Church. She said she misses the days of her teen and college years when she lived at home with our parents and she could sunbathe topless in the backyard. She said if she tried that now she would shock a lot of church members. BrittianyBeth wroteMy brother in law is a preacher (sisters husband) while they are not nudist or visit resorts, they do often often practice home nudity. One time a couple at their church confessed to him in private that they often visited a nudist resort and wonder if they should stop and he basically told them they were not committing a sin but also advise them not too broadcast to the whole church they were nudist because not everyone would be as understanding. Most Christians are naked every day as they bathe or shower and prior to dressing.


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Too much can go wrong. Ive read a few of the quot-Tell everyone about yourselfquot- threads, and I notice a lot of people are middle-aged and above. Are there any members in their 20s?Im in my early 20s, just discovered Im a naturist. I live in a fairly conservative Asian society. Public nudity of any sort is prohibited. Someone was even arrested for going nude in their own home cos they were seen through the window, so I hope you understand my wariness and paranoia about nude pics. I was raised to believe our bodies need to be covered and hidden, especially upon reaching adolescence. However, this never quite sat right with me. Today, I believe there is nothing wrong with nudity but that it has been oversexualized by the media and thats why a lot of people cannot look at a nude person and just see a person. Ive concluded though that, whatever my personal beliefs, I need to respect other peoples preferences.

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  1. Schamhaar

    she should have put them knickers back on afterwards

  2. MrUpskir

    Now that would get tongues wagging in the village..

  3. bringinth

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  10. odlum

    Also bei Minute 62 mit Tarncap ist Til Krämer, der vorher mit den grauen Haaren ist Andy Moon? Hab schon zig Filme mit ihm gesehen, aber das ist das erste Mal, wo ich diesen Namen lese....

  11. RedSquare

    Great video. I also was remembered the one girl in another clip when a black guy walked up and starting talking to her. Both vids are hot. What a body she has.

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    not only was the first dude tiny, but he couldnt get hard...if she wanted to suck me off, i'd be hard as steel

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    Who cares if it's fake .... nice video

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