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We did our best to throw some light upon all the aspects of Cap D'agde lifestyle. Reports from Cap D'agde beaches, movies shot at nudist parties, news from the life of Cap D'agde resorts, professional and amateur photo depicting people of all ages.
With non-stop alcohol, good music and girls who just want to have fun, the vibe is always right at the Piano Bar at Cap D'agde III.

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The Mediterranean resort offers everything you need for a great vacation A holiday in and around Cap d'Agde offers modern convenience, fascinating heritage and a beautiful natural setting all rolled into one. For sun seekers, sports enthusiasts, families and couples this Mediterranean resort offers everything you need for a great vacation. Perfect for a short break or long summer holiday, the resort is easily accessible. By air you have the choice of two airports: Montpellier and Beziers which serve the UK, France, Spain and the Netherlands. By train you can take the high speed TGV down to Agde from Paris or Lille. Finally the major A9 motorway passes by Cap d'Agde if you're travelling by car.

The Naturist beach - 2km long and around 30 metres wide this impressive beach offers several restaurants. Be aware that nudism here is obligatory.

Plage de Roquille - One of Cap d'Agde's largest and busier beaches. Wheel chair access and plenty of rented sun loungers and conveniences. Activities include wind surfing, water skiing kayaking, 8-person ski bus (BPJEPS certified), parascending, pedal boats fly fishing and sailing.

Le Mole - Just down from Plage de Roquille and very close to the centre of things this smaller beach, with fine white sand, has great access and is great for child and teenagers. Activities include sailing, scuba diving, windsurfing, beach volleyball, canoeing and sea-fishing.

Le Grande Conque - An atmospheric beach with dark sand and rugged scenery thanks to being hewn out of the volcanic lava flows of Mount St Loup. Great snorkelling.

La Plagette - A pretty little beach in a picturesque setting at the base of a cliff. This is the starting point for the underwater snorkeling trail.

Plage Richelieu - Beautiful long beach split into three areas, east, centre and west. The most well known of Cap d'Agde's beaches with great access and pretty park spaces around it. Activities include catamarans, windsurfing lessons, sailing courses and water skiing

Richelongue Beach - the furthest west of Cap d'Agde's main beaches. There are less apartments blocks and hotels and so the beach has a calmer feel. However there are also fewer amenities here. Again plenty of pretty green spaces bordering.

Baie de l'Amitie - As the name suggests 'Friendship Bay' this small beach between Cap d'Agde and Grau d'Agde has a peaceful and welcoming feel to it.

Saint Vincent Plage - This small beach is set attractively in a cove just to the east of Grau d'Agde

Le Grau d'Agde Plage - This long beach serves the fishing village and smaller holiday resort of Grau d'Adge. It widens as it approaches the town centre and jetty with plenty of amenities. There are also lots to keep you busy with boat trips, sea fishing jet skis, kayaks, pedalos and cruises on the Canal du Midi.

La Tamarissiere - This lovely long beach is peaceful and bordered by a beautiful 200 year old pine forest. Great for kite and wind surfing.

If you want a beautiful, relaxing summer beach holiday by the Mediterranean, in an environment that is classy, clean and family friendly, then you should seriously consider a fortnight in Cap d'Agde - one of France's largest and most popular holiday destinations. Popular with the French for decades, Cap d'Agde is now welcoming more and more English speaking holiday makers thanks to improved travel links and a real effort on the part of the Tourist Office to make Cap d'Agde a friendly, well organised and attractive destination for international visitors. For many years the resort's main claim to fame was its nudist beach and naturist village but these days, as you will discover here in FrenchEntree's Guide to Cap d'Agde and the city of Agde, there is so much more on offer for couples and families of all ages. Endless sport and leisure activities, 11 beaches, the old city of Agde with 2600 years worth of history, the Canal du Midi, the Herault River and an extinct volcano! Jump on a cheap flight to Cap d'Agde via Montpellier or Beziers and see for yourself!

Want to bank naked? Shop naked? Dine naked? Buy baguettes at a brasserie naked? Lay out on a vibrant Mediterranean beach naked? Visit Cap d'Agde, the world's capital of nudism.

This coastal town features a nudist resort with a three-mile beach, as well as its own doctors, banks, shopping and dining, just for the nudists.

France is, of course, known for its laid-back attitude about nudity. Visitors can freely go topless at just about any Mediterranean beach. But Cap d'Agde takes it all to a new level of Cap D'agde and free living.

In the summertime, the population of the nudist section swells to 40,000. Any self-respecting nudist must visit this spot, considered THE naturist destination. The Naturism Quarter is in the northeast section of town.

Nudity is optional in the nudist area, except at the beach. Locals still dress for dinner here.

Cap d'Agde, situated in the lush Languegoc region, is also close to many other wonderful French destinations. The port city of Sete is nearby, where visitors find some of the world's best seafood. The medieval fortified city of Carcassonne is to the west. Visitors are also close to Nimes, Montpellier and Arles. It's also a five-hour TGV train ride from Paris.

Whether you are new to nudism or a seasoned naturist, Cap d'Agde is the ultimate place to get naked. Few places in the world take the nude body as seriously, or offer such a vast community for enjoying it.

For many holidaymakers, visiting Le Cap d'Agde is a chance to relax and unwind. Put your feet up with a good book on the beach, go for a swim and eat out in the evening. But if you're the active type or have a family that needs entertaining then the activities available in and around Le Cap d'Agde are almost endless.