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Hi everyone I have been to a nude beach a few times but I really want to be in a nude community and hang out with other nudists so I would like to go to a nude resort for a few days. I live in Philadelphia and I am a college student so I would really like to find a nudist beach where there are people around my age (young adult). I have a girlfriend so I am not looking for a "singles retreat" or anything, just somewhere to be nude with other people my age I intend to go over spring break so distance should not be a problem (as long as its driving distance). If there are any places like this, please let me know. And i love Nude beach pictures


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To begin with, I am a shy kind of girl! I would like to fight my complexes, but I am still feeling awkward when I am nude.

Last summer I happened to go to San Diego on a business trip, and quite accidentally (yes, accidentally!) I stumbled across a nude beach of San Onofre.
It was in the morning, and there were hardly more than a dozen of persons, men, women and children, family nudist... first I had walked by but then I turned back. I decided to do what had always been spinning round in my head. I had only a cocktail dress, panties and slippers on, and no bra.
To make a long story short, I removed my dress and stayed with my panties on. I positioned myself by the very border of the nude beach so that I was kinda with them and kinda by myself. Nobody pays any attention to me. Little by little I am crossing my heart and starting to remove my panties - nude beach photo.
There is only one thing throbbing in my brain: dear me, now I am absolutely nude! Sitting there with my knees clenched and sweating Ė not with the heat but with embarrassment. But still no one seems to mind me. It must have took me an hour or something to get used to the sensation of being nude in public. I guess the fact that nobody was interested in me played its role. I was watching those people who seemed to be quite comfortable walking around nude with awe and yet with a certain amount of embarrassment.
After an hour or so I was sitting quite relaxed, too, not clenching my knees as if I were fully clothed. Then I am thinking: what if I stand up? And so I suited the action to the word. After somewhat like a quarter of an hour there came the first group of non-nudist tourists. First I caught a glimpse of a couple of girls who cast some furtive looks in the direction of the nude beach and continued right on walking. And I am just standing there and thinking what a swell it is that no one in this city knows me! Next my case was complicated with the appearance of a young dude! My God!
And I am standing there in the middle of it, totally nude!... Oh hell, I was fit to have the ground open and swallow me with the feeling of embarrassment. I was paralyzed with fear while the dude didnít seem to take any notice of me whatsoever and walked right by me. I thought, strange that he should not have reacted to a naked woman. My bewilderment was even greater when neither second nor fourth men looked in my direction. What the heck? There is a young and absolutely nude on the beach woman, and no one seems to care? I guess that was when it finally dawned upon me that I was on a nude beach where nudity was not in the least surprising. Alright then, I think to myself. I am taking my things and walking away on the sand farther from this weird place - check my nude beach pictures. Here is an ordinary desolate beach. I am tossing my things to the sand. And then there is a dude whose first reaction is gawking at me. My own reaction was also instantaneous: I felt the upsurge of acute timidity and felt my nudity physically once again!...
But in the end the emotions subsided and I was taking the buzz from the men around me with relative calmness. More than that, I let myself to get engaged into conversation with one of them and I was openly examining his awesome figure and tight butt As a result, now I am a confirmed nude sunbather and my body is still catching the eyes of men, but anyways, it only makes me happy!

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