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We went to a nude beach the first time when I was 16 (two years ago). Before we went there the only times people saw me in the nude was getting changed for PE at school. I wasn't going to go nude at the beach. I took my swimming costume and mum and dad said I could keep it on if I wanted to. Seeing them in the nude was going to be funny because I hadn't seen that before.

When we got to the beach there were nude people everywhere. I laughed to start with because it looked funny to see them walking around like that. We walked along the beach looking for a place to stop. It was hard to find a place because it was busy. I had my swimming costume on already and so I took off my t-shirt and shorts and went in for a swim. I didn't want to see mum and dad nude then and got away from them before they got a chance to take their clothes off. While I was playing in the sea I could see where they were and could see they were nude. I stayed in the water for a bit then went back to mum and dad. Dad was laying down on his back and it was funny seeing him nude. Mum was nude as well but that wasn't as weird as seeing dad. I got embarrassed seeing them like that and went back to the sea for another swim. It wasn't as bad seeing other people nude.
When I was playing around in the sea I started talking and playing around with some other girls there. They were all in the nude. We sat near the edge of the sea talking to each other. I told them it was the first time I had gone there. They had been going there for ages. I said I was too scared to take my swimsuit off. They didn't try to get me to and said it was up to me if I left it on or not. We walked to where they mum and dad were. When we got to where they were they got their towels and dried off. I could see that I was nearly the only one on the beach that wasn't nude. Their mum and dad didn't say anything about me wearing a swimsuit. They must have through it was funny because hardly anyone else had one on.
A bit later I went back to where mum and dad were. It wasn't as bad seeing them nude that time. Everyone was like it so didn't look as strange. I decided I was going to be nude as well and took off my swimsuit. That felt funny to start with. When it was off I sat down on my towel so people couldn't see as much. It felt better because my swimsuit was wet and was all sticky. It only took 5 minutes to get dried off my the sun. I stayed on my towel a bit and went back to the sea when I saw the other girls go back that I was talking to. They didn't say anything about me being nude that time. It was as if they didn't care less.
I could see dad was talking to someone near the sea and I went to where they were. I stood there with dad and felt shy about standing there in the nude. I kept looking at the man he was talking to and checked to see if he was looking at my body. I don't think he looked at it even once. It was like I had clothes on and he didn't stare or anything like that. All the time before we went to the beach I was shy about people seeing me in the nude and said I would keep my swimsuit on. In the end it was more embarrassing wearing my swimsuit there. Nobody was looking at my body.

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