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Several years ago I read a news story about a lady cutting her grass while topless. Neighbors called the police on her only to discover bare breast is not against the law in that area. What I kept thinking was why would anyone, man or woman, do yard work topless? Some may say they cut their grass in shorts and nothing else so they can multi-task in getting the grass cut and getting some sun for a tan at the same time. Unless you have a good bag type mower, there's just too many things flying around when cutting the grass. Plus there's the chance of a serious sunburn if you haven't used good sunscreen (will still come off with sweat) or are out there cutting too long. But to swim or suntan or whatever women should be allowed to go topless. I love the beach.We the willing who are led by the unknown must do the impossible for the ungrateful.


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My first topless beach trip

The Summer before my ninth grade, my parents surprised me and my sister with a Cruise. The first couple of days didn't amount to much as we were on the water.
Either the third or fourth day, my dad sits me down and tells me something to the effect that there is a tour they can go on, but it's going to stop at a topless beach and there would be topless girls, and was wondering if I'd be comfortable with it. Naturally, I was curious, but thought it was a test by my parents, so I said no. After all, nudity wasn't exactly promoted in my house. Well the trip goes on, and I keep on wondering what could have been. Well, a few months after the trip, I decide (while my family is away) to go on the internet and look at a topless beach. I search around the Web and somehow end up on a nudist site. I quickly Wiki it and then I'm just kind of curious, so I check out a few more topless girl sites. I'm peaked, but there is no way I do it.
A few years later, the thought of going nude crosses my mind. I'm still very hesitant to go naked, but it doesn't seem to leave my mind. A few days later, my dad is still at work and my mom takes my sister to her basketball practice and then her dance practice, so I've got the house to myself. I slip upstairs to my room and drop my clothes there. At first, the feeling was just weird, after all I had been wearing clothes for the last 16 years. I go into our game room (still upstairs) and lie down on the floor and turn on the TV not thinking much. After a while, I hear the garage door opening and I sprint back down to my room. I do that a few more times, but don't really think much of it.
About a month or two after those few incidents, my parents and sister go out of town for a basketball tournament leaving the house to myself. After about an hour after they leave, I drop my clothes in my room and go downstairs to watch TV. Eventually it's dinner time, so I walk into our garage and go into the freezer to find something to eat. I remember this vividly because I was freezing for only being out there for 30 seconds. Anyways, I go back in and walk to the kitchen through the front of the house (the blinds were closed) and I go into the kitchen like normal and start cooking my food. I go back down and sit on the couch and that's when I realized I walked by an open window in the kitchen. I snuck back to the kitchen and peered out the window to see if my neighbor's windows are open, but fortunately they are closed, but I notice that my female neighbor's window is open on the second floor and she's about my age. The last thing I need is for her to tell her parents and my parents find out for them, so I'm cautious around that window, not so much that I care if she sees me, but that she doesn't take it the wrong way. Anyways, I try to go to bed that night and being that I usually slept in a shirt, boxers, and shorts, it was weird. It takes me a little while, but eventually I do fall asleep. The next morning, I wake up and feel amazing. I do that for the rest of the weekend, but my parents come home, life goes back to normal.
Last year, one of the kids my sister babysits for asked me to watch their house, which I did it and didn't think much of it. Grabbed a sleeping back and pillow and slept over there. No big deal. Slept nude in my sleeping bag for a while, but then wanted to either go outside or go swimming (which they had a pool). I snuck a towel into my car along with the sleeping bag and went over one night determined to do one of the two. The times rolling towards three and there is nothing on TV, I go outside (still dressed) and look at the neighbors and all of them look like everyone is asleep. I wait another half an hour and I get the courage to go through with it, so I strip there and wrapped a towel around my body. I go to the edge of the pool and pull my towel off and put it next to the edge of the pool. I quietly sneak into the pool and just kind of wade around in the water, and it feels absolutely AMAZING. I get out after a few minutes and dry myself off, and go back in the house. After that I go to bed, so that was my first nude swim/outside experience.
So I've basically just been doing that until I got to college this year, and it's a bit harder to do go nude unless my family goes out of town, and I am house sitting. I've been looking around for some other younger topless girl or nudists like myself.

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