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    Wrote gomets13xxx

    Gorgeous!!! I hope you asked her to pose for more, 'cuz she looks like she knows and is liking herself!!!!!!!!

    Wrote chairo1

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    from waht I see in that Pic she's about 70yrs old by now

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    Nude, thank you hon...you have a excellent holiday yourself!

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    Worst day that I have ever seen on your site. Not a single woman with a decent figure

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    Usually not a admirer of black and white....but you are gorgeous.

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    Wow she has a beautiful set of titties! I gotta see more ;) [email protected]

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    I would have to be very toasted to bang you. I would just have you suck my dick.

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    BORING. Please retire.

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    Last pic was the bestSexy assets

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    Damn, you are one very sexy looking lady. I'd make sure you weren't lonely......mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, the things I'd do with you.

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    I do like a brilliantly formed nip, ripe for taunting with my tongue.

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    She is very hot! Thank you!

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    I love your Snatch lips, Yummy!!!

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    Pictures Two & Trio are far superior to 1. But, what's done is done, and she's beautiful either way.

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    I sure would LOVE to burry my face in your honeypot Honey.

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    You are superb. Please post many, many more. I'm a admirer.

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    WOW those eyes say it all

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    Just Stop It

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    Just so smokin hot!! Real boner material!

    Wrote Lucian25

    WTF!!!????? Anatomy 101 or what? Your presentation reminds me of looking at a medical text book! Is this the best you can do?

    Wrote dlakavapi

    I hate it when there has to be a caveat or stipulation involved when commenting about a woman. The entire "Ain't Bad for 40" title seems very negative. How bout looking great? Smoking HOT @ 40? Something that reflects her beauty. In my o

    Wrote imaderelict

    First-ever you go fully nude with no face, now you go all face & no nakedness. Well, they say the 3rd time's the charm. You're so close to getting it right!

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    You have left my hyperventilating over your shear beauty yet again Michele ;)

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    And what is it that we are supposed to find sexy about a thick bod covered by nasty tats?

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    And you have some very sexy options.

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    Wrote potenzo

    Don't you realize that we can all tell that you're opening up the pictures, and that we all know WHY you sense like you have to open up them?

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    Thats nice!

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    ja leider, sie sieht nett aus, aber warum diese furchtbaren titten!!??!!?? kann soetwas wirklich jemandem gefallen?

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    Congrats to you & your wife!!!! She is beautiful as you are handsome!!!! Photo # 1 captures a wonderful beauty that is so special inbetween Two people and their love for each other! Keep luving together! Smooches ~ Bree and Cowan

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    snap - I had two spears yesterday as well LOL but I wish you had been there as well