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    Wrote mrauser

    i want this rump in my face nalgman

    Wrote furbygr

    mmmmmmmmmmmm baby you are hot its true i would love to see you naked but what you sent is a real turn on and i find myself jacking off to pic Two and Four iam would you send me one of you completly naked so i cant print it out and have joy with you, i love jism

    Wrote jazziedad

    DO SOME R-C!!!!!!

    Wrote RenjiA

    I agree, also an insecure asshole that dont want anyone to see his woman but loves to flash off the nasty dick

    Wrote Vurucuu

    How could I not like your tits?Would like to see [email protected]

    Wrote elbonnor

    I fancy those gorgeous tits every time you demonstrate them off to me Sash...so keep flashing them and I''ll keep fancying them...

    Wrote iloveblon

    Find a gym

    Wrote Bigasshot

    Come on Kate.

    Wrote Young_Stud

    Looks like you had a good vacation

    Wrote georgejan

    Wow! What sexy pics/women. Do you have any shots of the two of you kissing?

    Wrote mickail974

    NO FACE and Trio photo's of an caboose sucks! Take a look at the contri above yours and how many comments it's received so far. Any ideas?

    Wrote srqexhibc

    mujeres josefina maduras en baños publicos con rabos gruesos, es excitante. francia salcedo es increible en estos filmes

    Wrote fornicato

    Fantastic. There needs to be more!

    Wrote joghurt

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    Wrote cadillacm

    o''man those tit's are to diefor,i'm going to have dreamsabout those bad boys.thank you.nice;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

    Wrote sunss11

    Now, that's the way to wear lederhosen (heidi outfit)!!!!! Pantiless too would be even better!!!!!!!!

    Wrote DrunknJSD

    Madame Butterfly, who would not want to flit around the goodies you display here today. Eventually, I know I would zero in on that prettily hairless bish in pic six. But to begin with a little nibble time is rerquired by those lovely titties.

    Wrote Rubberbutt

    Superb...Please send me a Naturist project foto with your crimson high-heeled slippers. [email protected]

    Wrote ThomasMs

    hummmfantastic bodyplz contact me via msn: [email protected] smooch from Paris

    Wrote Master_Ba

    mi piacerebbe però che mostrassi meglio il tuo culo da dietro e che lo aprissi quel tanto che basta per far vedere come lo tieni sfondato. mi masturbo e ti penso. ciao

    Wrote Paule1980

    more puss shots please, shes perfect!

    Wrote dielove66

    Only three pics? I sense cheated!

    Wrote toro31

    Last one is crappy. What is so sexy about a toilet?

    Wrote kidamagasha

    WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Plzzzzz Do Some Nudein Public Footage Mahima Shortly Thxxxxxs Cutie.

    Wrote hotrico

    Stunning!!!!...would love to see more

    Wrote davidsdiego

    Srchief, no need for a "moral patrol" or danJRhbg dreamed either...

    Wrote James28

    She looks bored to death

    Wrote miked666

    All I can say is WOW! You truly are a gorgeous woman! thanx

    Wrote lackboy1

    Hola! felicidades, lo que te andas comiendo, hermoso trasero, bonito color de piel y se ve que es muy extrovertida. Por que no intentas que muestre su cuerpo en publico? o al de la pizza o quizas llevarla a un centro comercial en ropa provocativa, vas a v

    Wrote godnight666

    Yes, Berlin is a very sexy city.

    Wrote engine276

    Thanks, I understand. The weapon is very controversial topic and negative reactions were to be expected .... Next time we will attempt to correct ... Petula thanks for the compliment ....;-) Have a nice day

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    WOW, FunGirl!!! Absolutely a very beautiful lady!!! A very loving mature woman!! Love those awesome breast!! Wish you were closer to Texas!

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    Wrote antonparker

    To those making complaints - You do realize those are the scars of a breast reduction don't you?

    Wrote schmeckle

    Lovely tits, best today!!!!

    Wrote twitch82

    Those are some real beauties on display!

    Wrote fungirlxoxo

    Thats just sick man and you know it. Damn bro take the fed bag off of her would ya.

    Wrote Justshaved

    sexy in varsaw! No in Cracow too?

    Wrote pat55perez

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    Wrote john59190

    I have to admit, I certainly don't believe it!

    Wrote traxais

    These show up to be from fairly some time ago. The very first photo was a bit fuzzy, typical of poorly scanned 35mm. But the model is lovely. Nice hairy underarms and lovely wooly muff.How about you take some fresh photos with a high grade digital and let us wee what she looks like now.

    Wrote vicki4u2d

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    Another SUPERB Contri, Lori!!!!Your beuatiful face, supreme tits, sweet bootie amd gorgeous vagina. Your contri's are the stuff humid fantasies are made of.Excuse me while I go masturbate off over these pics.

    Wrote gej

    Supreme body! Lushest curves! My ideal figure type!

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    you look like one of the oldest chickens in the factory

    Wrote oneonly80

    i'm more canon than nikon, i'm more smooth-shaven than hairy, but have to say that you're hot and sexy

    Wrote MANudist projectO6912

    Hey you hottie!!

    Wrote giamet

    Supreme tits.....how 'bout some rump shots?????

    Wrote tomte66

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    Wrote Ynotsex

    THANK U for the inflatable raft pics. please ohhh please post more . but with swimsuit chicks. thanks again.

    Wrote nickkenny2

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    Wrote Linus1956

    I would love to shoot a set of hot sexy pics of you!!

    Wrote dildonator

    My guess? She's your wifey or GF, hence the unlikely "coincidence" of photographing the same gal at two different beaches (your other contri) and the unexplained blurring of the face of some gal you supposedly voyeured. But hey, am I complainin

    Wrote skoroman

    Hey Jessie, Blessed Australia Day! At least ours was when we witnessed these. Got any aussie only pics? [email protected]

    Wrote kavlas_in

    Love 'em beautiful naturals !!! keep 'em nutting !!!

    Wrote DarkKnigh

    What a beautiful chick. And sugary nubs on those titties.