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    Wrote rana-

    For the benefit of dumb arsed Yanks,these photos were not taken in Fresh Jersey USA,but in Jersy UK. The contributor clearly said Jersey,not Fresh Jersey. There is a part of the world outside the restricts of the USA. And..the photos sure look a lot older than Two years, but they are still good

    Wrote PlayTime22

    Nothing says "boring" like pics taken while someone is sleeping.

    Wrote SexMidas

    Sexy, wish you had more of her... Is that south florida?

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    looks ok, BUTtake it off

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    Joy times, sure, but if you've seen one of these pics, you've seen 'em all.

    Wrote SexEngelx

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    Since all shots were esentially the same, I would've said this post sucked. Since you got caught and she flipped a bird, I liked it a lot.

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