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    Wrote shelover1

    Big?It is a lot of things, but big is not one of them.

    Wrote firebrace32

    she's hot...but if it's hairy it's scary.....

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    How much did you have to pay that old hooker to put on that funky lingerie?

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    PS perdone mi espanol...

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    it does me good to see someone from oklahoma here if you ever need a 3rd wheel i would love to join you

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    Very nice. Would love some more explicit shots.

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    Hi Ruthie, so nice to see you again...and as usual, a superb contri! Thanks so much for sharing. Love those nipples!

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    She's got the most flawless assets I've ever seen. She could go up against Kim Kardashian or Kelly Brook rocking that bod.

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    cool and then you astonished us...and her...by posting them here...cool!

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    the toned bods, the beautiful gams - all these gals are in fine form !

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    Hey arsole - does she know you have posted these - is suspect not. She gave you her confidence in a relationship and you manhandle it by posting these - you indeed are a bit of scum!!

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    Wow, you have beautiful nips. My knob got hard right away. please post more. I voted Superb

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    Don't like to leave negative comments but I must agree with Scorpio52. Buy a nicer camera.So many posts are ruined with crappy cameras. The subject is superb but ruined by lousey quality. kills your rating

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    and I hope to see her on Naturist project too!

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    Have loved and loved all of your photos and vids since your first-ever posting in Erotic Clips years ago...still a stunning gorgeous lady...

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