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one of the things i like to do is chat,heck i can talk the pants of anybody,well almost my wife beats me on that score, the other day i decide to go to pal talk and see if their was any nudist oriented sites their,with my webcam primed for a good natter, only to be met with a site that is porn base, if we asked to use this site for chat cant their be a way to gain entry so naturist/nudist to chat in peace

This good to know. My fiance and I are just getting into nudism, in fact our first social experience will be on our honeymoon in Nov. We have been looking for a nudist chatroom for months and all we ever find are people looking for more than nudism. We have even tried starting up our own room only to have the same results. We look foward to joining you on Tuesdays. We both work third shift so the time will work out great for us

Chatting for me generally is not a problem for me on any score. Being new to this format of life I'm trying to come to love while finding any or all like individuals appears to be the hardest. Reason is I don't know anyone and they sure as hell don't know me! I'm a 50+ gentleman from Ct., Retired yet working parttime to enjoy life as a karioke singer on weekends, golf during the week, and traveling when I can afford it.

In the current online world web cams are usually associated with a sexual content. So with that stigma it can be difficult to separate exhibitionism from simply happening to be nude while chatting. Currently our family doesn't really do the "web cam thing" Simply too many weirdos. Our daughters use web cams with their friends ( but they are all over 18), but only people we/they know. And I guess, since we are all more comfortable naked, they are usually naked...but by default..not to be confused with doing if for "any other reason". I mean, I love cooking, I'm always more comfortable nude..but I wouldn't say I enjoy "nude cooking" I just am always nude while cooking..If that makes sense:)


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I cannot think of a single person in my close environment with whom I could possibly have this sort of nudist chat

Some people are born free due to their cultural environment – I am now speaking of tribal cultures with so little society taboos that it sometimes makes me envious. Still, I think that this freedom can be sometimes accessed even in our society.

And by saying that I mean that if we just sometimes bring ourselves to let go of this unnatural shame and fear to stay without clothes not even somewhere in a busy downtown area, but in a picturesque get-away in open air where one can feel more closely connected to nature.
Such a long preface to my story is a total must, as I cannot think of a single person in my close environment with whom I could possibly have this sort of nudist chat. As you have obviously guessed, I am a confirmed nudist with some twenty years of nude beaching experience. It all began quite naturally for me, as both of my parents were quite uninhibited persons and they were ardent enthusiasts of nudism – or naturalism, as it is most commonly referred to nowadays. So I am now speaking from my own experience while stating that our modesty is only about habits – as children we do not have this shame about being naked in public, but as we grow up we are taught to feel it. And this is something I cannot possibly put up with.
However, alongside with learning to grow up unprejudiced and uninhibited, I learnt that as long as I cannot persuade my friends to join me in my liberation movement from textile, I can make new friends among my nude beach neighbors. You see, whenever I go to a resort within proximity of a nude beach, I feel that the absence of the need to hide our nudity behind clothing often results in the absence of the need to hide our very feelings behind those many-layered shells that us humans are so fond of building.
Thus a nudist chat between two total strangers on a beach is not at all an unusual sight. And very often you could see groups of people on a nude beach huddling together and merrily discussing all sorts of things, laughing, exchanging opinions, just talking about whatever comes to their minds without any consideration for the rank and social position of their opponents.
A nude beach is a place for every sort of pretence to be dropped, and it is a way to make all the people look like they were true equals. It brings people together like perhaps no other social phenomenon can. But one day I was actually quite surprised to get the proof of the fact that this is a small world! So, getting down to breaking some details now.
This happened at Plage de Tahiti a while ago. I was on a short stay at the Mediterranean – I really love the spot, and I never lose an opportunity to bask nude in the sun by the paradisiacal azure of the world’s most legendary sea. In my usual manner, I came to the beach early in the morning and took off my clothes. Here I am proud to mention that I have always kept my body in excellent form – I love being active in any possible way. Horseback riding, dancing my ass off in night clubs, working out in a gym, eating moderately is what works best for me, and by the age of 28 I still manage to maintain my high school weight. I find the shape of my breasts quite attractive, too – and I am also certain that the habit of exposing my body on nude beaches several times throughout the year is a great motivating factor to stay fit no matter what!
Catching up with the initial idea, I was about to embark on something that had every promise to be a carefree day of nude beaching by the seaside, when my attention was caught by an animated conversation somewhere within the very brink of my earshot. Screwing up my eyes and trying to make out what the argument was about, I saw a group of girls engaged in that nudist chat I had always been so moved and inspired by. A bunch of girls who looked like perfect nude beach old-timers (not a trace of hideous white patches on their skin) were persuading an obvious newcomer to drop her bikini bottom. Something in the feeble protests of the rookie sounded vaguely familiar – the sound of that voice made me get up and take as if a leisurely walk in the direction of the noisy group.
Right as I expected against my own incredulity, the first-timer turned out to be a girl I was on friendly terms with in college and with whose big bros I was so hopelessly infatuated. Besides, she was the very same person to have denied even the slightest probability of her ever as much as going near a nude beach location! Intrigued and prepared to take the girl by a surprise even greater than she had taken me by, I approached to her quite casually and nonchalantly, calling her by her first name. The effect this had on her was almost comical – and as I was anxious to hear her out I learnt that she was dating a confirmed nudist and she could not help feeling jealous about his nude beach pastimes, she decided to get into this groove against her better judgments!
The best thing that came out of that story may not be related to the ideas of nudism, but it affected my future life in the most favorable way – getting in touch with Irene and her absolutely gorgeous brother kicked our relationships into recommencement stage, and a few months later the only thing I admitted on wearing to nude beach was a massive engagement ring!

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I've tried many other web sites claiming to be " nudist/naturist" sites and some have webcam chatting.
I tried the webcaming.In every case the number of perverts and creeps far out numbered the actual nudist.
That's the sad reality of the world today,the internet makes it to easy for the pervs to invade other people's spaces.
So my wife and I would only webcam nude with people we already know.

I don't actually use a web cam but if I did I wouldn't go out of my way to find people to web cam with nude. Maybe I just don't get it. I mean, I love to be nude. I am nude all the time at home, inside, outside but it is because it feels good to me. It feels natural but I don't have a need to see other people nude or a need to be seen nude myself. I've had e-mails from other nudist that want to communicate by e-mail which is great but when they suggest we e-mail nude pictures back and forth I just don't see why we would do that. Is that weird on my part? I love to go to a nudist beach or resort sometimes and be with other nudist but I just don't get the web cam or e-mailing pictures thing.

The desire to get stripped at a nude beach and the fear of letting the people around you see you naked...Both of these feelings are strong – though the eagerness to expose the most secret corners of your body to the caressing rays of sun is still stronger. On the pages of X-Nudism you will be able to find the stories told by girls and guys trying nude posing in public for the very first time in their lives.
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