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It's not the governor, it is Ruth Coleman, the Direction of State Parks and Beaches. It is a fight all nudist should take part in, as it denies the legitimacy of clothing-optional recreation. It connects nudity with perversion and lewd acts, and it is the most powerful contingent working against our lifestyle. Unite and write letters to Director Coleman to let her know how many of us there are.


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As there were Lisa’s parents and her kid brother, it was not as if I were alone and jeopardizing myself, it was pure family nudism, free and easy way to indulge one’s instincts of getting closer to nature.

My boyfriend and I have always shared philosophy that can be described as being close to that of nudism. My name is Lola and I have been practicing naturism ever since I was 16 years old, and ever since that time I had to keep it secret from my parents.

In fact, it all started 4 years ago when my parents bought a vacation house 2 km from the sea coast, although they do not quite like the idea of excessive beaching – it was rather a matter of prestige and scenery. So as I have already mentioned, when I was around 16 my family and I used to move in to the summer house for the vacation time, but we only went to the beach once or twice during a week, and for the rest of the time my father had to leave the house and drive to the city as he could not leave the office for too long, I would so have loved to be able to benefit more from the beach. Fortunately, during the next year I got a permission to go alone to the beach, I also had a cell phone, I could call if I had a problem and my mom could call me anytime.
I used to spend long hours walking this way and that along the nearest beach, and after a while during one of my lonely walks I noticed that a little bit further from the beach I got so familiar with there was another beach that was a bit special. At first I could not believe my eyes – the people there were mostly sunbathing nude, and some of the girls were topless! As I was standing there and gawking, not knowing whether to move on or to turn my back on the crowd on the beach and go away, I thought I saw familiar face – a girl I knew, she was in my history class at school. There could be no mistake, as the girl was waving to me frantically and smiling. I could not possibly turn around and walk away, so I brazened myself and walked boldly on, smiling the warmest of my smiles.
But as when I was approaching the girl, I felt like I was acting like a blooming idiot. I could not help blushing while looking at all those nude people, and I didn’t know what to say to my classmate who also was totally nude in front of me. After exchanging the usual words of greetings, I got invited to join the girl, Lisa, and her family. They did not stress me about getting nude just like them, and Lisa’s mom explained that they were confirmed naturists since she herself was Lisa’s age. At first I did not remove my shirt but later I felt totally awkward sitting there clothed, so I took off the top of my swimsuit, too. As there were Lisa’s parents and her kid brother, it was not as if I were alone and jeopardizing myself, it was pure family nudism, free and easy way to indulge one’s instincts of getting closer to nature. Soon I learnt that they rented an apartment in the nearby naturist village.
One afternoon when I was eating at home, I tried eating naked at the table on veranda – that sensation was a lot of fun. Of course, there was nobody at home at that moment. But I truly enjoyed staying nude while pursuing my routine activities, it gave me a certain sense of freedom I never knew before. Later I just told my mother that I had met a girlfriend from my class and I even got Lisa’s mom to talk to my mom to reassure her and let me go beaching on my own more willingly. Fortunately, she did not mention that their family were naturists. The family nudism free and uninhibited ways that Lisa’s folks were confirmed pursuers of was definitely catchy; soon I could not imagine going back to textile beaching.
So I spent a week and a half going to that beach every day. My parents were happy I had found myself some company and I no longer asked for their attention. It was just this one time when I freaked out my mom by bringing my swimsuit back home dry and clean, not smelling of salt. Later I was particular about washing my swimsuit in the sea water before going back home. Unfortunately, my girlfriend went off with the end of my vacation. The day after her departure I did not dare to return alone on the beach, I thought it was all different doing it on my own. I loved the holidays awfully, it was the first time in my living memory when I was not held down by my parents and their work.
The next year Lisa asked her parents to leave later. That way, we stayed for two weeks, both of us. And it happened like that until last year. I spend a really great holiday except that I was not so happy about hiding my true beaching habits from my parents. Because it's so good, I would rather they also took advantage of that wonderful natural environment than spending all their holidays in concrete or plaster.

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It is likely that most groups have cancer survivors as members. You and your wife are likely to find people with a variety of scars as well as occasionally amputees of one type or another are common. You didn't mention whether your wife chose to have reconstructive surgery or not, but it really won't matter. We have seen both. You might want to call any club you are considering visiting for your first visit and mention your concern. They will be glad to set you and your wife at ease. This is actually likely to be an environment where your wife finds herself more comfortable. She won't have to worry about whether everything is in place and whether anyone can tell. She'll know that people will be able to tell and that no one will care, except perhaps to let her know how glad they are that she is healthy now.

The desire to get stripped at a nude beach and the fear of letting the people around you see you naked...Both of these feelings are strong – though the eagerness to expose the most secret corners of your body to the caressing rays of sun is still stronger. On the pages of X-Nudism you will be able to find the stories told by girls and guys trying nude posing in public for the very first time in their lives.
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