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Hi. 150 words are kind of long for me, so I'll keep it sweet and short. I'm not a nudism naturism (yet)but would love to hear from young adults what its like to be nudist. It is something that's been in my mind for a long time and I dont know why! I guess it's just because it's some kind of feeling free that intrigues me the most about nudism. I would love to hear from the young people, and learn more about it. i'm 23 years old and please feel free to chat and email me.


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Sunbathing nude? Yay! I've always loved that. For me, it's a manifestation of my unity with nature. I try to be on the healthy side whatever I do, and I am sure sunbathing without a swimsuit is a great way to gain energy. Besides, swimming without a swimsuit at nudism naturism beach is something genial - my personal advice goes for those who've never tried that, you are missing a helluva fun!

I do remember the first time I first tried stripping on a nudism naturism beach. That was not a nude beach in a proper sense of the word; it was rather a desolate area of a popular resort. I was seventeen back then. I have to mention that my dad's wife is a professional photographer, and by that time she'd never taken any pictures of me. I was dying for her to make me look beautiful in her photographs, but I was much too haughty to ask. That day Stella, my stepmom, took her camera to the beach. There were only two of us that day, my dad and my stepbrother still sleeping. It was an early morning and the sea water was still very cold, just as I like it. I jogged for a while along the coastline and presently took a plunge, splashing around and cooling me down after the exercise.
When I came out of the sea Stella suggested that I take off my wet swimsuit (it was around 6 a.m. and the breeze was still cold) and wrap myself in a towel to keep warm. She herself had already done that while I was still swimming. Suddenly I realized that this was exactly what my most natural desire was - to lose all those wet pieces of fabric sticking to my gooseflesh skin and making me feel colder with every minute. So that was it - my desire to keep dry and warm made me a nudist, lol.
When I had finally torn off the top and the bottom of my swimsuit I first quickly wrapped myself in a towel, rubbing dry my nipples hardened with the chilly breeze. Meanwhile, Stella was taking her time in positioning her camera and taking nudism bilder of the early morning sea. Then, all of a sudden, she exclaimed 'Now let's go swim for a while once again!'. In a blink of an eye, she ripped off her own towel and tossed it to the chaise-longue on which I was sitting and ran in the direction of the sea; jeez, she looked and acted like a girl of my age, though she was fit to be my mom! Still I felt something nagging me to show her that I a) looked just as gorgeous as her and sure enough, have as much guts as her. Oh it was easy to have guts back then when there was none at the nudism naturism beach; although this was quite a deserted area, I felt some ill forebodings as for some other tourists coming to this heavenly spot as the morning grew later. On the other side, the prospect of someone seeing me nude at the beach was tinkling my nerves in a very pleasant way and I felt a tremendous shot of adrenaline when I finally tossed away my own towel. Not exactly an exhibitionist, I have always been rather an exulted girl, so this new experience felt like a proper thing to do. Besides, I felt I was doing a right thing because of some adult person I trusted a lot, my family member, in fact, was the one to initiate the whole matter and there to back up me.
When I reached the water line and felt the cool water swirl all over my naked body without the messy swimsuit it was like seeing the sun after a year in a dungeon. My whole essence rejoicing with this new sensation, I bathed for almost half an hour. When I finally had had enough of fooling around in water I walked out on the shore and, to my utter embarrassment, saw that we were not alone anymore and Stella had already put on her swimsuit. Fortunately, the persons who joined us in this desolate beach were two other women. When they saw me coming out of the water totally nude they gawked for a while and exchanged some opinions in whispers. I felt awkward, taken off a peg or two and pissed off a bit. But thanks Stella, she managed to put the things right in a blink of an eye. She started giving me instructions as if we were having some nude nudism bilder session! Wow, I felt mighty flattered for her being that inventive, plus we really got carried away with the process. I still keep those photographs, and they are the finest pictures I have of me till that day.
Ever since that time I never hesitate to take off my swimsuit top if I can help it (that is if I am anywhere in Europe, for in the USA they still look upon topless sunbathing as on a sure sign of licentiousness). I have been once or twice on a nude beach of Cote d'Azur last summer, and it felt great - nobody minds you in fact, and you can concentrate upon your feeling of integrity with the sun, water and the sea breeze.

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With the exception of a visit to an island in the harbor and a nude wedding party, my nude activities this summer were, for the most part, a carbon copy of the past few summers. As in those years, in June I went to the Eastern Nudism Naturism Gathering (ENG) in Lenox MA., and in August went to the Gay Naturist International (GNI) Gathering in PA. Always good to see familiar faces and make new friends at these gatherings. At both, I attended various workshops, seminars, lectures, and activities. This year, I gave a massage workshop at GNI. For reasons I won't go into, I felt I could've done a better workshop, but majority of the attendees stated they felt I did a good job and said that if I held it again next year they will attend. At both gatherings, there was a rainy period, but it was shortlived. Toward the end of May, I was invited to a nude wedding party by a nudism naturism friend. Other folks from the ENG were there, also. To me, it seemed more like a regular nude house party than something to celebrate the nuptials. Having left early I missed the toast to the newly married couple. They are a nice couple and I'm sure they will have many wonderful years together. I could only wish to meet a female companion for such bliss. In July, the day after Independence Day, the local male nudist group (Boston Area Naturist Group - B.A.N.G) sponsored a day trip to Lovells Island, one of the islands in Boston Harbor. It's not an official nude recreation area, but it is possible to go to the far side of the island and lay out nude. While there, you have to keep an eye out for other people on the island who may walk to that area and cover up so you won't get reported to park rangers (they are stationed there as guides and for security). About 5 of us went that day. Twice we had to cover up for a quick minute but the rest of the time we were okay lounging nude on the blocks. Had a few photos - nudist bilder taken by some of the other guys that came along. Made it to a few B.A.N.G. events, and a couple of nude yoga classes; haven't been back because of a sore wrist. Didn't get taken to any resorts this summer. Oh, well. Would've liked to have spent more time nude outdoors, but I enjoyed the time when I did. How about the rest of you?

The desire to get stripped at a nude beach and the fear of letting the people around you see you naked...Both of these feelings are strong – though the eagerness to expose the most secret corners of your body to the caressing rays of sun is still stronger. On the pages of X-Nudism you will be able to find the stories told by girls and guys trying nude posing in public for the very first time in their lives.
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