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Cultural and religious constraints are very difficult to overcome. However, change can be made and you could work with local politicians in order to have a set aside areas for nudists in your region. Until changes are made in that direction, there are many wonderful retro nudist resorts throughout the world, if you like to travel. Have you ever read N Magazine? It has a listing of vintage nudists resorts in the US and there are many foreign advertisers. There are guides for nudists resorts as well. Most of them can be obtained online. Beau


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I still have some vintage nudism photography in my vast naturalism database

Now if there ever has been a thing that I felt truly fascinated about, is the courage of people back then in the early 70s and even 60s who found a cheek to stand up against the prudish society

And do what they felt like doing – and that was stripping down to their birth costumes and flaunting their nudity on what is now called nude beaches.
Vintage nudism is something we rarely come to consider nowadays, but those were the real pioneers of naturalism that made it possible for thousands of people in the modern world to discover their true nature – excuse my pun. I cannot really say that I remember those days, for I was but a kid back then when my parents were shocked and overwhelmed by something that is treated so cool-bloodedly in the majority of the nowadays societies. And I must say the culture of the then nudists was also quite different. Like it is a well known fact that modern nudists have a well developed even though unofficial system of norms and morals which are generally accepted and universally recognized; some half a century ago such norms did not exist, and it was hard for people who believed in nudist pastimes to protect their privacy and make a stand for their beliefs.
I still have some vintage nudism photography in my vast naturalism database, and of course they make all the difference with the world of nudists as we know it now. Firstly, that is due to the changes in the age group of people who held pro-naturalism opinions; the 60s’ nudists used of more or less homogeneous age, being in their teens or twenties. Most of them were the rebellious ‘children of flowers’ as they called themselves, and as they are referred to nowadays. Once again, the Brazil thingie was not at all known back then – so the girls in vintage nudist photographs sport hairy pussies and rather well shaped bodies with next to no exception. And this presumably is why the history of naturalism attracts not only nudism followers, but lots of other people who are simply drawn to the uncontrolled, raw and uncensored beauty of the bodies of first nudists to ever tread on the prudish grounds of America of the middle of the previous century.
From what I can remember about those days of newborn freedom and the cult of nude body, I can say that those were the moments of the real excitement. It is always more fun doing something tabooed than it is when the rebellion has turned into a mass phenomenon, when no one can be really scandalized with public nudity. In my then imagination, nude girls on vintage nudist beaches looked much sexier than any of the present day porn models in X-rated movies we can see nowadays without any limitations. When I was young, my mom and her girlfriend took me out while holidaying and I knew they deliberately chose to walk in the direction of a place notorious for its being a heaven of untroubled peace for nude beachers on their way to a textile beach. Both curious and a little bit envious (this I could tell by the way they looked at the athletically built girls who were sunbathing nude by the seaside), the women demonstrated all signs of contempt – which was not the true way they both felt about what they saw, whether they knew it or not.
I heard mom saying much later that it was a ‘crying shame’ for everyone without anything but an immaculately shaped body to show up in public in their birth costumes. But really, what difference does it make if you are wearing a swimsuit or not? Everyone can see the imperfection of your body underneath the skimpy piece of cloth covering your body, so stripping to the skin does not really put your figure much more on the display. Nude beaches are not about showcasing the beauty of your body – it is all about feeling closer to the nature, or getting an even suntan, or simply disgust towards having a piece of damp cloth sticking to your body any time after swimming in trunks and bikinis.
All of this makes me a little bit nostalgic about the good old times of vintage nudism. But either way we are headed in terms of the development of nude tourism, we should never forget whence it all came from – and so having a vintage nude beach gallery around is an absolute must for every web portal that deals with the philosophy of naturalism, in my opinion.

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All of the ocean beaches on Cape Cod are within the National Park Service managment, no matter what town (there are five). They have a strict no nudity policy......However they are lazy at times and under budget so they only patrol the hard to reach beaches lightly. In Truro a 1/2 hour walk south of Long Nook is one of those stretches that we have enjoyed for years. Wellfleet has a few spots but is much more populated and I once had a ranger spy me with binoculars from 1/4 mile away from high up on the dunes, he treked all the way down the 40 foot steep slope of fragile dune to lecture me and give me a verbal warning. I felt silly standing there just him and me no one else for 100's of yards in either direction, because I was wondering who was I offending. But years of travels have taught me that "yes,sir or yes maam" is better than explaining my thoughts on what is right and wrong with anti-nudism laws.

The desire to get stripped at a nude beach and the fear of letting the people around you see you naked...Both of these feelings are strong – though the eagerness to expose the most secret corners of your body to the caressing rays of sun is still stronger. On the pages of X-Nudism you will be able to find the stories told by girls and guys trying nude posing in public for the very first time in their lives.
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