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We were on a vacation with my wife and our friends – a married couple – in Succo. There are no nude beaches in Succo, but there is one in the neighboring settlement that was 3 miles away.

Here I have to digress and mention that I had had the nude beaching experience by that time, unlike my wife. So, one of those days I talked my wife into going to the neighboring settlement with me. When we had got to the spot we continued walking along the seashore. I gotta say that there are all kinds of pebbles and rubbles scattered around the area, so it was not that easy to walk there – we had to jump from one boulder to another. Eventually, in about half a mile's distance from the settlement we got to see the first nude beachers.
My wife walked along pretending not to notice anything unusual, but, according to her, she was still casting furtive glances sideways. So we walked on, me wearing a pair of knickers and my wife having her shorts and tee on. I thought I'd rush the things by suggesting that she should lose her tee and continue walking topless. Here I have to mention that my wife is much of a couch potato and had never been to wild beaches before, though she is no coy for sure – she had experienced some lesbian pranks with her girlfriend before she married me.
But this time she would not be induced to take her top off, just no way. She kept on saying that she didn't want it and wasn't going to do it. I finally succeeded in having my way with the topless thing, but still she was wearing pareo. Presently we got a bit tired and decided upon having some rest on a nearby boulder with no living soul around us. We hadn't been sitting there for long, enjoying the sunshine bliss, when we saw a completely nude girl with a huge back pack behind her walking past us. Excellent figure, small but shapely tits topped with cute nipples and a purse fixed on a belly band covering her most intimate spot.
As she walked by I kept on admiring her openly, following her with my eyes. When the girl disappeared behind the bend we discussed her body with my wife and decided to continue our walk. It was then that I realized that I had to take the matter into my own hands. And saying that it was way too hot for me I pulled down my shorts, telling her that she could have her own way. To my great surprise, my wife got naked the moment I did, and so we continued walking stark nude.
It had not been long before we caught up with the girl and soon left her behind. After something like half a mile we picked up a spot not far from other nude beachers and halted. I took a plunge while my wife remained on the shore. After I had bathed I joined her, and we started walking back home, both of us still naked. Growing more confident, I started looking around and staring at women while my wife was staring at men. Whenever she saw somebody she really liked she would flash her yummiest assets through her pareo tied around her waste that she opened as if by chance.
We walked back nude almost to the very settlement and only got dressed when there were no more nude beach enthusiasts around, but only folks in swimsuits. I gotta confess that the sensations are really cool, I recommend trying it to everyone. It does boost your self-esteem – fighting your natural fear to appear nude in front of dressed people.

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