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I've always liked looking at my body, even from a young age. As soon as I started developing, which was younger than most of the other girls I knew, I would close the door after school and admire myself in the mirror.

I'd notice the curve of my hips growing larger, the roundness of my breasts getting fuller, even things like my lips were getting poutier. It really made me feel good about myself, especially at a time when most of the girls at school were making fun of me for it. They'd tease me and say that I was stuffing my shirt, but I knew they were just jealous. Besides, none of the guys at school teased me. That's of course because they liked what they saw.

And why did they like what they saw? Because I made it a habit of showing them bits and pieces of it to keep them enticed. Some girls at school may have thought that I was a whore, but they couldn't be further from the truth. While they were getting drunk at parties and letting guys do whatever they wanted physically to them, I remained untouched. Oh, I'd show a guy what he wanted to see. I'd flash a boob in class every now and then, hike up my skirt and show them that I wasn't wearing any panties, skip around so that my skirt flew up past my butt to moon everyone ever so innocently, but no one ever touched me. I was really enjoying flirting with people with my body and getting all this attention without having sex, so I always craved more.

One night, I was sitting in my room on the computer, naked of course, and I came across an adult webcam site with all of these gorgeous chicks on it showing off their goods. I wondered what the other guys were doing while they were viewing them, and I could imagine they were all excited to see this sexy model before them, even though they couldn't touch them. Right there is when I realized what my next step should be. I really loved teasing guys during the day with my body, but you can only get away with so much in public. So at night, I could really make them excited and show off my body to them via a webcam. And I wouldn't charge them, of course. What's the fun in that? Then it's just a job, and I'd no longer enjoy what was swiftly becoming my favorite thing to do; be naked in front of as many people as possible.

So over the summer after school let out, I spent most of my nights sitting in front of my camera naked. It wasn't that hard to do, since I was already naked all the time. Now I just had an audience watching my every move, seeing the times where I'd brush up against my nipple and made it hard, or when I'd stretch and it would make my boobs bounce. I wasn't doing anything overly naughty, except for the random gentle touch of my slit, but these guys were loving it. I had dozens of viewers daily, and these were guys that I really enjoyed talking to. They must have enjoyed talking to me and seeing me as well, because they'd send fun gifts all the time to my house. No harm in that!

Well halfway through the summer, even though I was still enjoying showing myself off daily, I was wondering how I could reach a bigger audience. If this many people enjoyed me on webcam, where could I go to have even more see what I have to offer? That's when I remembered that a friend of mine once told me about a nude beach not too far from my house. I didn't believe her, but if there was any time to find out, it would be now! So I packed a bathing suit, just in case it turned out not to be nude,  and a towel and set off to find it.

When I got to the end of the road, what was the first thing I saw? A cock dangling between the legs of some guy in his 30's. I was home! I didn't even bother bringing my suit with me. I stepped right out of the care, bare from head to toe, and set forth towards the warm sand. Not everyone was nude, but I had to say, everyone's eyes were on me as I strolled along the boardwalk to a nice place by the water. I immediately felt the passion of dozens of guys, and even some girls, as they stared at my long blonde hair cascading down my back, almost touching my bare bottom, as well as my perky B cups and of course my shaved bush. I was immediately hooked on the feeling, and knew where I was going to be for the rest of the summer.
I must have went back there around 15 more times during that summer, giving my normally white skin an all over light bronzing. I even met some friends there who not only admired my body, but enjoyed showing off theirs. There truly is nothing like laying out naked on the sand, feeling your body being covered in the warm glow of the sun, hearing the waves crash in. It was great. I kept going out there even after school started just to enjoy my own little nude paradise until the weather got cooler. But you better believe I'll be out there as soon as it warms up. Running, swimming, laying around, even talking was better naked! Everyone should try it. I'll see you at the beach if you do!

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